Enabling applications
across platforms & limitations

Universal Development

The 11binary development platform enables business and marketing resources to create their own applications without having to rely on development and IT resources to do so. Enterprise class. Scalable. Reliable. Manageable.
It's so easy, even an adult can do it.

Universal Data

SQL, Oracle, Mongo, Hadoop, Legacy Mainframe - the 11binary universal data tier plays nicely with all forms of data. Heck, use a bunch of excel spreadsheets if you'd like, your app will work with it.

Data Source

Legacy data, existing data, or new data to collect, the 11binary data tier enables application level access across data platforms.

Worldwide Access

From across the globe to your local datacenter, 11binary enables pinpoint search activity - you'll be able to work with your data like never before - quickly, redundantly, and securely.

Cloud Optimized

Leverging the vast compute, storage and ubiquity of cloud processing, 11binary processes data with the speed of massively parallel processing. Process data in seconds, not days.

Universal Logic

11binary utilizes a workflow-based rules engine for all its core logic processing. Configurable, manageable and scalable, the 11binary workflow engine puts the power in the hands of the people who know their busines best. Oh, and you can make changes on the fly - no more waiting on IT to get around to releasing an update.
This is true power.


Leveraging a workflow-based rules engine, business analysts and power users can easily configure custom data and business rules into their apps. Can you draw a workflow diagram? You can do this.

Event Driven

Combine logic rules with an event-driven architecture to empower your applications. Throw in massive parallel compute speeds, and your apps are going to stun your users with their responsiveness.


Everyting is message-based. Encrypted, streamlined, dedicated and distributed, message based communication enables your applications to scale exponentially, leverage existing services, and interact with future applications. Future-proof your app from day one.

Universal UI

Web? check. Desktop? check. Android? No problem iOS? Really? Ok, we got that too. 11binary applciations work any platform, anywhere.

Built to Work

Event-based, distributed, workflow-based logic cores take care of the hard part, putting your application where it needs to work is the easy part; though that doesn't cover making it look good - that's true artistry, but we make it easy for you to begin with.

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